Money-making photography

Wendy Mora

At the start of second semester Ms. Cordova began Photo 3, a first period class to enhance and expand students’ photography skills.  Fifteen fortunate students from Photo 2 have the privilege to attend this class. The majority of this class consists of seniors with the exception of one junior, and is based on commercial photography, is much more hands on and uses many more Photoshop techniques. This class doesn’t have a leader or president, but everyone is united as one and is responsible for their own assignments.

“This class is very exciting it’s really fun to come to. It allows me to get more into Photoshop while learning to set up studios,” senior Stephanie Cuevas said, “I like it because it teaches you how to make photography a career.”

The class started after Mr. Houts asked Ms. Cordova if she would be able to put together a class of advanced student photographers in order to do more inside school projects rather than hiring a professional. This class is in charge of the photography at the Viking Awards, Future Freshman Orientation, the senior slide show, and many more jobs around campus.  Their latest work is on dance photography by having them pose in a studio the set up in their classroom: O2.

“Seeing the students extremely excited and very into this class makes me want to teach them everything I know about photography,” Ms. Cordova said, “ It’s great!”

This class is quite a challenge. To enjoy being in this class, one must really love photography or plan to make it an essential living or profession. Photo 3 is much more advanced than Photo 2 because they use more professional equipment, as well as learn things in more depth.

“I really like this class,” Brandon Pineda said, “I want to make photography a career and this class is helping me do so.”

True dedication is seen in the eyes of these students. It’s their first semester on the job and surely won’t be their last. In the end their work will be greatly appreciated by the student body and administration.