AP: Advanced Preparation

Sarah Menendez

As the countdown for the two weeks of Advanced Placement testing comes to a close, AP students go through extensive studying in order to assure they are prepared. Whether it’s study sessions, practice tests, or review books, AP students across campus are utilizing the final hours they have left before their tests.

While most classes are still well into their curriculum, AP courses have now entered a period of review in order to sum up the year and help prepare their students for testing. Advanced Placement classes such as AP Psychology, AP English, AP Spanish, and AP United States History have offered their students practice tests and = review sessions outside of school hours for the prospective test takers.

“Review sessions and practice AP tests help a lot,” junior Joshua Noa said. “They help recover forgotten information and make us feel more confident.”

However, review sessions only go so far, many students feel that it is what you learned in the course throughout the year that ultimately prepares them for testing. Senior Lisa Kim who is taking seven AP tests this year agrees.

“As long as you’re keeping up in that class and maintain a good grade, then you’re preparing yourself for the AP test” Kim said, “But, if you are going to try cramming in two weeks it’s not going to work.”

Although it is the actual class that prepares AP test takers, some students still choose to study in groups or on their own. Test takers use different methods of studying in order to ensure their success. Some choose practice tests, others choose group studying or review sessions, and others may simply study on their own or perhaps do all of the above. No matter what the cost AP student’s are proving that they really are advanced with their extensive preparation. Unlike most students who were out enjoying their Spring Break, some AP students decided to use that week to study.

“Spring Break was my time to study,” junior Phil Kong said, “ I went to the library like five times and studied with my practice study book.”

Whether you are a veteran AP test taker or a first timer, Advanced Placement courses require an advanced amount of preparation and these students are a true testament to that.