New classes, new opportunities

Cassandra Meuret

A new year offers students a variety of classes in hopes of expanding their knowledge, interests, and education in: Personal Finance, Music Appreciation, Appreciation of Poetry and Entrepreneurship. Sometimes it can be a struggle to get students excited about the courses available. This is why switching up the classes every so often can encourage students to expand on their interests outside of the main required subjects.

“We decided that expanding in what we offer at Downey High will create more excitement in the students and learning new things is always a great way to expand on education,” Mrs. Gunnette said.

For instance, the new Personal Finance class taught by Mr. Castro can encourage students to save money and invest it for their future.

“I want students to be aware of the financial decisions they will have to make.

This class should teach them awareness on future debts they can avoid,” Castro said.

Learning these skills in this brand new elective being offered can become a real asset for a student’s future. Especially in an economy like today’s, it is important to educate students on being aware of debts that can easily build up and destroy credit.

New electives can spark a hidden talent or a hidden dream in a student, which may not have had a chance to come out prior to taking a class. Being exposed to new subjects and new knowledge is a positive way to learn.

“ I think it’s great because I get more options to pick classes that I want and so do the other students,” Candice Potvin said.

There are other new classes also being offered this year such as the Music Appreciation class and Appreciation of Poetry. Music Appreciation can help students discover another part of learning that can be fun and exciting without having to play an actual instrument. This class studies different eras of music and discusses what talent is and what makes a quality song and what completes a music piece. Students who have always had an interest in music but may not have the time or the means for band can learn and experience music in this class and benefit from the opportunity.

“I don’t have time to be in band or do music outside of school because of my job. This class is great because I can learn more about music in hear than I could in any other class with my schedule”, Kaylee Torres said.

The Appreciation of Poetry class offers students a chance to study the importance of poetry for an entire semester and express themselves through their writing. Poems are read and discussed thoroughly and bigger meanings are sought out for. Students are free to write feelings, emotions, and other topics in this class and can share their work and have open discussions about the poems.

“This isn’t your typical elective class it’s laid back and I feel free to write and hear what I can’t in other classes”, Candice Uceda said.

All of the new classes being offered contribute to the path that the administrators have been setting for their students for many years. Students can appreciate their options and take advantage of these new opportunities.