Hola, Spanish Club!

John Franco

The new culturally influenced Spanish Club came out from the crowds, and aims to teach students the Latin-American culture. Spanish Club has weekly meetings that include cultural lessons such as on foods and traditions of various cultures.

“I want students to know a lot about Latin-American culture,” Adviser Mrs. Ramirez-Silva said “I want them to experience it hands on and enjoy it.”

The club also had various hands on activities, including a movie night where they came together and enjoyed a film while eating some of their favorite dishes.

“I love Spanish club!” Cinthya Garcia said. “We learn so much about culture and I just love eating all the food!”

Spanish Club has already had many fundraisers and other activities. So far they have sold tamales, candy, and the Mexican, warm drink: champurado to help promote cultural awareness.

“I think what makes us unique is that we are multi-cultural,” Minji Kim said.

There are many activities that are being planned for the club. So far they have been to watch a Christmas oriented play called “Too Many Tamales”, the Museum of Latin American Art, and learned about the famous Spaniard writer, Federico Garcia Lorea. All of this was planned and coordinated by the club, and the numbers of those attending continues to grow.

“I love how all the students are very motivated, diligent and especially all the large numbers that show up,” Mrs. Ramirez said, “and, I also love how they all participate.”

The club introduced by President Yvette Trujillo is a huge success, and they know that it will continue to grow.

“We want to encourage all students to join,” Trujillo said. “We are a great club, and if you want to learn about the Latin culture join.”

Their goal for next year is to have all the club members to travel to a Latin-American country.

“We want students to be more aware of the magnificent world in other places,” Mrs. Ramirez said.

The Spanish Club is just another example of how culture on campus is extensive and how the student body can change the world through education and awareness of their surroundings.