Green with love, not envy

Sarah Menendez and Sarah Menendez

“Go Green!” It’s the motto of the decade that has spread like wild fire and inspired the members of the Ecology Club to help the planet, one recycling bin at a time. Eco Club is one of the many clubs dedicated to helping out the community, however, this club is different from the rest as it sets it’s main focus on the environment.

The moment an Eco Club meeting begins, it’s evident that this group is serious about going green. While in a meeting on any given Wednesday, in Ms. Santa Cruz’ room, Eco Club members are surrounded by walls lined with eco-friendly recycling bags and organic materials. In addition to the appearance of a club meeting, there is also an air of togetherness and acceptance along with their love for the environment

“In three words, Vice President Andrea Lomeli said. “Eco Club is friendly, green, and loving,”

Eco Club is not only an organization that spreads love for the planet but also for their members. Students from across campus, with different backgrounds, and different groups of friends can be found at Eco Club meetings.

“Any one can join,” Lomeli said. “All that we ask of you is to be eco-friendly.”

Although they do have a laid back, accepting attitude, Eco Club members’ two main goals are raising awareness and saving the earth. Their efforts can be seen across campus with the beautifully decorated recycling bins, created last year, that support an eco-friendly choice when it comes to trash. Even new members realize that there is a need to open the eyes of students to the environment around them and the importance of saving the earth.

“Raising awareness is definitely something that needs to be taken seriously, because you have to start somewhere,” new member Rudy Mendoza said. “We have to start letting people know that there are problems in the environment.”

With programs such as Keep Downey Beautiful, the recycling program, and beach clean ups, their effort to heal the campus and community has become apparent, but eco club wont stop there.
This year many Eco Club members will be attending an environmental leadership conference, which was brought to the attention of adviser Juliette Santa Cruz by Principal Houts. Attendees will enhance their leadership qualities in the environmental world by hearing from various speakers. The ideas they obtain at the conference will help members in their effort to give back to the community.

“We want to be involved as much as possible when it comes to helping our community,” Lomeli said.

Eco Club helps the community directly by contributing to the Keep Downey Beautiful organization, which is committed to preserving the city’s environment. Members participated in Keep Downey Beautiful events as recently as March 20th and will continue to do so throughout the year.

“We are letting the community know that you have to take care of the environment, you have to be careful of the choices you make,” member Marisol Montano said. “We try to make good choices and set examples for everybody, both on and off campus.”

Eco Club members are paving the way for a greener, healthier planet and strive to remind the student body to appreciate our environment and go green!