Entering Facebook

Mercy Watkins

Within the past few months the social network site Facebook has risen in popularity among students as senior Gabriela Coya has shown her school spirit by hosting a Downey Facebook page.

“I noticed that my friends from other schools were joining groups and fan pages like this and thought it was about time Downey High had one, too.” Coya said.

“I thought it would be a fun way to point out all of the things that make Downey High School what it is. The site is homage to the school.”

Both current students and alumni have added to this site and recently follow it.

Stefani Lang and Julia Izquierdo are site followers and read the new posts whenever they can. One of Lang’s favorite posts are: “you know you go to Downey High when you hear girls scream when the seagulls fly around.”

“Everything that’s posted is always so true,” Lang said.

Izquierdo doesn’t usually have time on the computer to check her Facebook but whenever she has time she checks it. Whether it’s on her iPhone or her computer at home, Izquierdo always gets a laugh.

“The posts are hilarious. She’s done a good job creating our Facebook.”

Coya posts things that her and her friends believe make Downey “atypical.” One of her most read posts were about the science teachers who wear Hawaiian shirts to school. It’s not uncommon for fans to comment posted saying, “That’s so true” and “I noticed that, too.”

“It makes me glad to know I’m not alone in these things,” Coya said.

One of Coya’s famous posts was: “You know you go to Downey High School when all the science teachers are wearing Hawaiian shirts.” This post got over 177 likes and over 60 comments within the first hour it was posted.

Recently the site has reached over 400 members, which is exciting to Coya. Currently, Coya is searching for an under-classmen that can take over the site when she graduates. She wishes to see this site keeps updating and remains the way it is for more generations to come.