The pink ladies

Sarah Menendez

At any high school students are bound to find average service clubs; however, none are quiet like Normaneers, the all girls club committed to giving more than just hours. Normaneers is one of the most prestigious clubs to be a part of on campus. These giving girls form a club that is known for their devotion to the community, being a strong group of young women, and of course—the color pink.

Pink is not just a color to these ladies, it is a representation of their bright, fiery spirit and more importantly, their ode to supporting breast cancer awareness. These women are surely a distinctive group due to the fact that they are active in events such as the Choc Walk for children and the Breast Cancer Walk for awareness, which no other club participates in.

“We’re trying to go out there and help people that need it.” Normaneer member Emma Naranjo said. “As a group, we want to show that not only adults can help others, anyone can.”

Events like these bring the Normaneers closer together and add to their inspiration. Many members feel that the womanly bond they share helps them in their service.

“It makes us more cohesive, more like a unit, and it makes us feel like we can all accomplish something great together,” member Sarah Ortiz said.

The goals these girls achieve are honorable, yet believable because of the fact there are requirements that need to be met upon joining the club. At the beginning of the year prospective members undergo an interview that determines whether they are suitable for the honor of being in Normaneers.

“They aren’t looking for girls that just want something to put on their transcripts,” member Nicole Mujica said, “they want to see someone that is committed and serious about volunteering.”

There is no doubt that Normaneers are dedicated to their cause and will make a difference. Members of this generous club are amongst the most esteemed and responsible girls at Downey and continue to prove that they give without ends. These young women succeed in their kindheartedness while also portraying an image of uniqueness.

“What we do, no one else does,” Naranjo said.

Surely, that is true; no one does community service quiet like the ladies in pink.