Pump up the spirit

Amanda Garcia

During the days of Spirit Week students show their school pride by dressing up for the various themes that included: Scrabble Day, Warren Wimp Day, Blacklight Day, and Viking Pride Day. All themes were decided by our school’s commissioner of pep Elizabeth Bernstein.

“ All of  A.S.B pitches in ideas and votes to me and, as Pep Commissioner, I have the final say,” Bernstein said.

A new addition to spirit week was Scrabble Day where students and their friends spelled words out. For example, members from our schools jazz choir spelled out EPIC JAZZ.

“The girls came up with the idea since we are all in jazz choir and our singing is pretty epic,” said Randell Milan

Even though Scrabble Day had a weighty turn out, this week was ultimately about the famous Blacklight day, the only assembly which is held in the dark underneath blacklights.

“It was so much fun; this was my first time going to the assembly and it was great!” sophomore April Solano said. “I loved the glow sticks and how the basketball team tried to shoot in the dark.”

When asked what’s so special about this assembly A.S.B members replied that this assembly is one of a kind and is envied by other schools.

“Other high schools have asked us about it over the years, and a few years ago our ASB even demonstrated how to hold a blacklight assembly at another campus!” Rebekah Jin said.

And Downey can never go a spirit week without making fun of those Warren teddy bears, Warren Wimp Day was of course a huge hit as many students drew freckles on their faces, dressed in warren attire, but adding a little twist.

“This boosts Viking pride by allowing the students to dress up and ridicule our rival.” Bernstein said

These spirit week days really show school pride which is what they are all about. People really get into it whether it be dressing up in missed-matches clothing or spending extra time to make shirts with their friends. And even though it may be a requirement for ASB to participate in spirit week they love doing it anyways. It shows their school pride and how dedicated they are to beating our cross-town rivals the Warren Bears.

“It is more fun to see everyone around you dressed up in ways you’d never thought you’d see them! It just makes for a great high school experience!” said Bernstein.