Love Struck

Ethelyn Martiz

Cupid’s arrow struck Downey High this Feb. 12 as students celebrated Valentine’s Day with red roses, heart shaped candy, big balloons, and of course chocolate. Although Valentine’s Day was on a Sunday, this did not deprive lovebirds from showing his or her affection towards their significant other on campus.

” Everyone wants to spend Valentine’s Day together so it’s bad that it’s on a Sunday, but it’s okay because you can always celebrate it on both days like I am going to,” Javier Nino said.

Students planned to take advantage of this long weekend and celebrate with double the gifts.

“I’m going to bring a little tease gift to my girlfriend on Friday, and on Sunday I’m going to actually take her out,” Anthony Rodriguez said.

Valentine’s Day may be about couples and love, or for those who don’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, it may be about single awareness, but it can be about friendship as well.

“I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day. I think its cute but I’m really just looking forward to a nice day hanging out with friends,” Yahaira Lebron said.

Valentine’s Day may have been on a Sunday but it sure did not seem that way at Downey High, love was definitely in the air this Feb.12.