Music on the road

Amanda Garcia

Rolling their suitcases and carrying their duffle bags the morning of Nov. 20th, members of the Marching Band and Colorguard were ready to hit the road to Fresno, California and compete in the Western Band Association competition where they received 9th place out of 19 bands that competed against them.

“I am looking forward to getting there, competing, and then getting to watch bands from all over California perform,” senior Co- Captain Cecilia Covarrubias said.

Although the band and colorguard were going to compete they were also looking forward to the two-night stay in a hotel with their friends. When they first arrived they checked in, dropped their bags off in their assigned room, and went down to the Piccadilly Inn hotel parking lot to practice.

“It was freezing in Fresno, after practicing in 34 degree weather, my fingers felt numb and stinging from tossing rifle,” two-year colorguard member Nicole Martinez said.

The next morning with the performance only two hours away, members got ready and then pilled into the bus, and arrived at the competition site for warm-up. Colorguard members grabbed their flags and band members put their shakos on and marched towards the field to perform.

“I felt nervous standing in front of a audience conducting, but once our show began I relaxed knowing that our show was preformed great,” Drum Major Cara Enriquez said.

As the Drum Major counted off the music was played with passion, on tempo, and the colorguard members never dropped their flags and kept smiles on their faces the whole time.  The band members felt proud and lifted their heads high as they heard a roar of applause from the spectators in the stands.

After they came off the field marching back to change, four year band member Summer Wilson shouted “finally its over!”. With that being said some seniors members teared up a bit knowing that. After those long hours of practice, and critique from coaches the show and season was finally over and done with.