Resurrection of Paintball club

Jonathan Ortiz

Since late Sept. word has spread that Ethan Lizarraga, Kenneth Lee, and Grey Lizarraga have revived the once attempted Paintball club from the 08-09 school year.

Because the three enthusiasts desired to get to know more people that enjoyed their hobby, the club was started. The newly formed team enjoys their sponsorship from Hollywood Sports and goes paintballing almost every Sunday.

“I have high hopes for the newly revived paintball team,” said Lee. “Hopefully it will be better than last years attempt.”

Getting shot by a paintball hurts a lot and could cause brusing all over.

“Paintball is a war like experience,” said Grey Lizarraga “I think should go paintballing to feel the pain if you want to be in the army.”

Even though paintballing can be painful at times, it can also be a lot of fun. Students are beginning to realize this as the rising club gains more and more popularity.

“I hate getting shot in the back,” said Ethan Lizarraga. “It hurts a lot.”

The club holds their meetings every Monday after school at the rally stage. If you are interested in joining make sure you have the basic equipment in order to paintball. If you have any questions feel free to contact either Kenneth Lee or Ethan Lizarraga after school every Monday at the rally stage.