Key Club attends rally

Thomas Beltran

Spirit and energy were in the midst when Downey High School’s Key Club attended Key Club International’s Fall Rally annually held at Six Flags’ Magic Mountain on November 14th.

For years Key Club has been a key participant in a three state rally, which takes part in the southern rally, along with forty-seven other divisions. There are two rallies held in California that are meant for the states of California, Nevada, and Hawaii.

“The rally was better than last year because our division was more organized” said junior member, Sara Paik. “Next year we plan to come with even more spirit and excitement,” Paik said.

Both rallies benefited Pediatric Trauma Prevention where their agenda was to beat last years final amount of money: 67,480 dollars.

“My first year, which I was my sophomore year, was a lot of fun but our division was pretty small. Our division is small in general but a lot more people came out this year than the previous year, which is great because key club is all about meeting new people” said Senior Jennifer Kiang.

For those who haven’t been to Fall Rally, it is a great to meet new people and learn about how much all of Key Club is dedicated to helping other people.

“The rally itself was typical – and by that I mean lots of energy, enthusiasm, and noise.  I am always amazed (and I think it is characteristic of Key Club members) that so many students can be incredibly loud and excited in one moment and so self-controlled and courteous the next.  Unfortunately we had some students that couldn’t go at the last minute – so they missed out, but the students who came seemed to have a great time.  With Key Club I know that students are responsible and show up on time, so it makes it easy for me,” said four-year advisor, Mrs.Wack.

Key Club looks forward to having a great year raising money benefiting charities and attending more events.