The dollhouse revolution

Mercy Watkins

On the night of Friday the 23rd, along with the help from Philip Adsit and Ms. Vivian Durkee, the dolls lead a rebellion in the 2009 Halloween maze, at the freshmen football field. Special “C.I.A agents” informed us that the infamous Chucky assembled a rebellion with our beloved toys and dolls and we need your help in stopping it. Friday the 23rd students joined in raiding the dollhouse and capturing Chucky.

As Halloween drew near, students prepared by buying costumes, candy, make-up and even tickets to Halloween events at local theme parks. Also approaching was the school’s yearly homecoming where students came to see the football game and have a school dance afterwards. These events were separated by one week, but now students could enjoy both of these spectacular events all in one evening. With help from a few select students, a local Halloween store, and art teacher Ms. Durkee, Philip Adsit organized a Halloween maze the night of the homecoming game.

Every year Adsit organizes a Halloween maze, whether it’s with the school or just for Halloween spirit.  We have discovered that he has prepared a special dollhouse for Chucky and his doll army.

“I’ve been organizing Halloween mazes since I was five years old, from experience they’re fun for everyone involved,” Adsit said. “ The difference between this year’s maze and last year is that we have support from a teacher: Ms. Durkee.”

During the month of September try-outs were held, for those who wanted to try out to become monsters for the maze. Since then Adsit and Durkee have held meetings for both art club and the Halloween maze on the same day. They worked together to make sure everything got done before the night of Homecoming.

Whether it’s getting costumes for the monsters, or getting special effect lighting for the maze, “I took responsibility for this group because Philip had presented a good case,” Durkee said about her first year directing this maze.

Due to similarities in interest, Durkee had Art Club join with the maze crew to help make props and promote more ideas. The dolls have started a rebellion against the humans, with an idea voted in by the staff.

Armando Zavala, a monster from last years maze said, “I think it’s going to be a good year for monsters due to the energy seen in the auditions.”

Over 24 people tried out to be monsters in the Halloween event.

“We hope to make this like the mazes from Knotts Berry Farm and Universal Studios. It’s the same maze for not even a quarter of the money,” Adsit said. With over 15 monsters and 12 or more crewmembers. It was bound to be a fright that students stopped by  after the homecoming game.