GSA instills tolerance

Amanda Garcia

Gay Straight Alliance is a new club on the rise uniting gay and straight individuals in order to become one unit. Junior Robert Resendes always had the idea to create a club such as this, so he went to his counselor Ms. Riggs last year and did something to try to make his dream a reality.

“It really wasn’t that hard to create this club,” said Resendes. “I had a lot of support from my counselor, and now she is the adviser.”

The president of the club is Robert Resendes, and senior Rudy Mendoza helps him lead with the title of Vice President.

“One thing that I really want to point out is that GSA isn’t just a gay club,” said Mendoza. “It is an organization that needs both gay and straight students, and without each other, the club would not exist.”

Debate has already risen within those who question promoting straight and gay unity on campus. Both club leaders say they are prepared for any controversy that may arise.

“I believe that this organization will benefit DHS in the long run,” said Mendoza. ”I truly hope this club will instill tolerance.”

In addition to that, the members of GSA love the idea of this club.

“It’s a good club for those who support it, and it’s about time our school had one,” said senior Katlin Eveland, an active member of GSA.

This club will surely be a success and an addition to our school’s current list of clubs. GSA meets on Wednesdays after school in room B-103.