Mama Minnig

Cheerleader Mikayla Minnig, 11, and her mom Mrs. Minnig, have a brief mother and daughter time around the Downey High school campus on Mar. 16. “Between cheer and homework, we spend a good portion of our time volunteering for the Arthritis Foundation, since Mikayla has Juvenile Arthritis,” Mrs. Minnig said. “I am really proud to be a “Cheer Mama” and will support my daughter in all of her adventures in life.”

Mehak Khan, Staff Writer

Janet Minnig has been supporting her daughter ever since she chose to become a cheerleader at the age of 5 and is also on the PTA board for Downey High School. She continues to support the cheer adviser and coaches.

Minnig also has a cheer mom Twitter account, which her daughter set up for her. She follows Downy High, ASB, and The Downey Legend. She claims she likes to stay informed on what is going on in school.

Janet Minnig, mother of cheerleader, Mikayla Minnig, explains what she does to help out the cheerleaders.

“I try to help when and whenever cheer boosters or girls need me,” Minnig said, “I sell snow cones and 50/50 tickets at the DHS home football games. I also give rides to and from the games.”

Minnig loves the cheer team and plans to stay at Downey High School even after her daughter graduates because she also has a nephew who attends DHS

Mikayla Minnig, 11, former cheerleader, states that her mom has been supporting her since freshman year.

“She helps me with routines and has been fully supportive,” Minnig said. “She comes out to every event and sometimes brings my cousins to watch us perform.”

Minnig was not able to attend the cheerleader’s competition in Dallas, Texas, but her heart was with the team. Her daughter kept her updated with calls and texts.

Audree Banuelos, 11, former cheerleader, explains how Janet Minnig encourages all of the cheerleaders.

“She always helps us with encouragement,” Banuelos said, “and she pitches in to make accessories for all of the cheerleaders.”

Minnig also takes her support to social media by giving encouraging about outs to all the students doing well in school, “@DowneyHigh DHS swim-team you mean DHS WIN TEAM!” Minnig tries her best to make sure their accomplishments don’t go unnoticed.