Nishioka’s new motherhood


Vernice Ortiz

English teacher, Ms.Nishioka, shares her story about adopting her children, Travis and Chloe, during Dec, 2014. “While I knew it would be a challenge for me, I never imagined the true possibilities,” Ms. Nishioka said.

Carlos Garcia, Staff Writer

After an intensive process of paperwork, home visits, and parenting classes, English teacher Ms. Nishioka finalized the adoption of her children, Travis and Chloe, on December 23.


“I found my children through the foster care system,” Nishioka said. “From there, I am sent profiles of children based on what I was looking for.”


Despite the long process, the new mom argues that time flew by.


“It all happened very quickly,” Nishioka said. “Perhaps a little too quickly.”


Now that it’s over and done with, she can relax and be at ease. There’s no more pressure and stress for her to be deemed fit as an adoptive parent.


“I felt a sense of relief,” Nishioka said. “No longer do I have to see my social worker every week or their social worker every month.”


Like every new mother, Ms. Nishioka has her fair share of doubts, challenges, and unexpected realities.


“While my social worker was very sweet and supportive, there was a feeling of walking on eggshells in terms of the decisions on how I raise them,” she said.


Although the process was long and emotional, Nishioka was able to continue.


“I knew in my heart I couldn’t give them back, but the option to do so made some days excruciating,” she said.


Now with her children, Ms. Nishioka’s expectations of motherhood are much different from the reality of it all. Being that she was the youngest in her family, she never really grew up with other children.


“I thought I’d do best with boys since I’ve always been a tomboy myself; holy crap was I ever wrong,” Nishioka said. “While I knew it would be a challenge for me, I never imagined the true possibilities.”


The English teacher has had plenty of support from other faculty and staff.


“It’s great seeing my kids and her kids grow up together and play together,” counselor Nicole Sanders said. “It’s inspiring because she seems to have a lot more patience than I do and she’s very dedicated to do the right thing with them.”


And the new mom’s children seem to bring out the best in her.


“I love seeing how happy they [Travis and Chloe] have made her,” English teacher Andrea Ramirez said, “and I feel like it’s brought out a very nurturing side of her which shows how kind of a person she is.”


With the addition of her family, Ms. Nishioka is anxious and hopes for the best of her children.


“The permanency of it all is becoming real, but here we are,” Nishioka said, “I didn’t think someone’s smile would make me smile so much.”