5 questions with Mr. Armendariz

Vivian Buenrostro, Co-Editor-in-Cheif

Social Studies teacher, Mr. Armendariz, proposed to his girlfriend of six years on an active volcano in Nicaragua, over the holiday break.


Q1: Where did you get the idea of proposing on a volcano?

A1: She has been working in the Peace Corps for two years helping Nicaraguan’s develop their small businesses, flourish in the community, and be self-sustaining. I realized she’s coming back soon and I know she’s the one I’m going to marry so I thought, ‘cool idea.’


Q2: How did you plan it?

A2: We went up with a tour guide and the other 10-15 tourists. When she went away, I told them and that’s how it happened. Our signal was asking the tour guide where a good place to take a picture would be and if he said, “yeah, this spot is good,” then that was where I would ask.


Q3: Was her reaction what you’d hoped it would be?

A3: [laughs] It was funny because she wasn’t expecting it so she was a little mad, she kind of smacked me a little bit, but she teared up a little bit and she said yes. It was just funny because it was just one of those things that caught her off guard.


Q4: Did you tell anybody prior to proposing?

A4: Yeah. Her family lives up in Washington, so I went up there before and told them and they were excited about it. Obviously I told my close friends which includes teachers as well. I just got advice from them and stuff.


Q5: Were you more nervous about asking or about walking up an active volcano?

A5: The little bit of nervousness was about thinking where would be the best spot because, if you have ever been on a live volcano, it smells really terrible. It’s just one of those things where you think, “that’s not where you want to propose” because she’s going to be crying, not because she’s excited, but because of the gasses. So we went to the side of the volcano where there’s a cliff and that’s where it happened.