Here to stay


Matthew Palencia

On Oct. 8, in room C-114, Mr. Massey reviews graphing quadratic functions in standard form, with his Algebra II, for the next math lesson. “I’m most excited about officially being apart of the Downey family and continuing to improve as an educator,” Mr. Massey said.

Mia Dixon-Slaughter, Co-Editor-in-Cheif

Downey High School’s long-term substitute teacher, Anthony Massey, is now a permanent teacher this 2014-15 school year. Massey has taken over Algebra II and Geometry classes of former math teacher, Rodney Bremer.


Upon finding out that his position as a math teacher at Downey High would no longer be temporary, Massey was thrilled. Although he originally aspired to be a middle school level teacher, he agreed to take on the high school level class and soon found that he enjoyed it.


“Before being at Downey, I constantly said I wanted to teach at the middle school level,” Massey said, “but after being here I prayed and hoped I’d be back at Downey High and it all worked out.”


Massey comes from a family of educators and coaches. After refusing to fall in line with his relatives, he finally succumbed to the idea of teaching and shortly found that it was something that interested him.


The math teacher also enjoys basketball and soon became a coach for the boys basketball team as a result. Although he likes the sport, he admits it is not an easy thing to teach.


“It [basketball] is very challenging on so many different levels but I’m glad I’m doing that as well,” Massey said. “Teaching and coaching are different but bring me equal joy.”


Not only is Massey pleased with his new job, but his students that he substituted for were also excited to find out he would staying at Downey High. His students formed a close bond to him during the 2013-14 school year.


Senior Francine Mendoza, who had Massey last year and again this year, formed a bond that is helpful to her as a student.


“He’s a really good teacher,” Mendoza said. “I was excited to have him again this year because it’s easy to ask him questions because he cares and he wants to help.”


Massey’s students are fond of the class because of how he conducts his classroom. The math teacher makes sure that his students are learning the lesson correctly while still creating a comfortable environment for his class.


Senior Carlos Rivas liked the way Massey kept the environment light when he could.


“He jokes around a lot, but he also makes sure we learn what he have to learn,” Rivas said. “It’s cool how he tries to get to know students and he has a really good sense of humor so that helps.”


As the next generation of his family, Massey honorably carries on the title of an educator and a coach. He now carries on that legacy in room C-114 teaching math to Downey High School students.