Teaching beyond the limits


Gissel Enriquez

On Dec. 10, Mr. Jose De La Torre is pleased to be part of the Downey High School staff and have assisted his students for the past seven years. “It is great to be given the opportunity to help students daily,” De La Torre said. “What if I make a difference in a student’s life?”

Mizhelle Cortes, Writer/ Business Team

The Teacher of the Month award, for the month of December, has been presented to math teacher Mr. De La Torre who has been teaching for seven years.


Mr. De La Torre, who teaches Geometry and Honors Trigonometry/Pre-calculus, shares his joy for receiving the award.


“I’m very happy and humbled that my hard work has been acknowledged from my boss, staff, and students,” De La Torre said. “Everyone’s been really nice about it. [They’re] telling me congratulations. It’s a cool opportunity.”


His decision to become a teacher was influenced by inspiring people close to his life. There were two teachers who inspired him: Mr. English, who works at Warren High School and Mr. Solis, his mentor.  For Mr. De La Torre, the subject of math has always captured his attention.


“I was always pretty good at math,” Mr. De La Torre said. “In high school, I would find myself tutoring a lot of my friends during snack or lunch. I actually wouldn’t mind—I wouldn’t mind giving up some of my time just to tutor somebody in math.”


Mr. De La Torre enjoys teaching math and being a part of the Downey community. His duties besides teaching math include him being the new Bible Club Adviser and helping students prepare for the Skills USA competition.


“I love the culture here,” Mr. De La Torre said. “We have great kids here. I like working with high school students because it’s the last stage before they get out there to the real world. “


Mr. De La Torre’s Teacher of the Month appreciation awarded his hard work and dedication to his students. To help out his students, he offers test corrections, make up and late work, and tutoring. Former Pre-calculus student, Veronica Cornejo, 12, shares her appreciation.


“I like how Mr. De La Torre offers his time to help me when tests comes around,” Cornejo said. “Whether it’s in the morning or afternoon, he makes sure to help me understand the topics.”




Mr. De La Torre understands the vital stage of entering high school and teaching math concepts to his students. For junior Richer Laporte, Mr. De La Torre’s teaching style is helpful.


“I like how Mr. De La Torre brings different aspects of life,” Laporte said. “He teaches his lessons very well.”


Regardless of awards, Mr. De La Torre guarantees to give his best effort when teaching students.