Substituting a sister


Mayra Castro

While she’s adjusting to being the new, temporary librarian, Yvette Flores substitutes for her sister Martha Ortiz, who is on maternity leave. “There’s always a lot of stuff to do, even though it looks like I don’t really much, I do,” Flores said. “I have an agenda I have to follow.”

Esther Rodriguez, Parents & Teachers Section Editor

On Nov. 1, Mrs. Ortiz bid a temporary farewell to her job as the school librarian. While she is on maternity leave, her sister, Miss Flores, has taken over the job.


Flores, a substitute art teacher from the district, decided to take over as librarian while her sister is out because she gave birth to a baby girl named Ava Catalina. Flores found it to be an interesting change from teaching, but she enjoys the change. She feels the library is an even greater resource for students now with the college career center being in there.


“It’s stressful and a lot to worry about, but I really like it,” Flores said. “It’s a new experience from teaching.”


Miss Flores is doing her best to keep everything organized the way her sister did. She must keep teacher’s reservations and check outs in line the way her sister has shown her to. She loves the familiarity of seeing the same students walking into the library everyday as opposed to seeing a new class every time she teachers.


Senior Yakob Posada works in the library during snack and lunch. He feels that Miss Flores is doing a great job taking over.


“More students seem to be coming to the library,” Posada said. “It’s more packed during lunch. Ms. Flores is doing a pretty good job in replacing her sister.”


Junior Raul Valera Chavez is an avid visitor of the library, who enjoys his time in there most days.


“Her sister is great,” Chavez said. “I always enjoy going inside the library. It’s always a great time inside the library. It’s always a great time just to be with friend.”


Chavez found the atmosphere of the library to be more attentive while a pregnant Mrs. Ortiz was working.

“Everyone in the library seemed attentive, like they were watching out for her [Mrs. Ortiz],” Chavez said.


Miss Flores continues to work to keep the library the way it was before her sister left. Mrs. Ortiz has trusted her sister to run things well, and Flores is working hard to do that. Students feel she is fulfilling Mrs. Ortiz’s duties well until she is able to return.