The grand proposal


Marilyn Ramirez

After fiancé Kevin Miller proposed to math teacher Ms. Michelle Gunderson on May 10, at the Dodger Stadium, the couple plans to have their wedding next summer. The proposal was recorded on the Kiss Cam for the entire stadium to watch.

Norma Flores, Sports Editor

After almost five months of preparation to make the “grand proposal”math teacher, Michelle Gunderson was proposed marriage by her fiancé, Kevin Miller on May 10,  at Dodger Stadium during a game.

After dating for five and a half years, Miller decided it was time to take the next step in their relationship. During the end of the fourth inning of the baseball game,  Gunderson was proposed on the Kiss Cam in front of thousands of people: strangers, fans and family members who were hidden in the stands, sharing the moment that was unraveling in front of them.

“I had a gut feeling, but I didn’t know” Gunderson said. “see I didn’t think he had time to buy the ring yet, the rational side of me said, ‘No, he hasn’t bought the ring’ but then the other side of me just thought that something felt off about him that day.”

Coming into that magical day she experienced one of the “best days of her life”, but For Kevin Miller, there were a few obstacles in obtaining that perfect moment for his then  girlfriend.

“I think my main struggle leading up to the proposal was figuring out how to hide the ring,” Miller said, “I would say it was about twice as big as a phone.”

In the process of attempting to hide the box, there was ideas such as taping it to the leg, or putting it in Miller’s pants pocket and attempting to hide it under the Dodgers jersey. Finally, Miller opted for a more conventional way, as he put it under his arm and held it there for nearly three hours, while trying to act as natural as possible. Once it was decided where the ring would be hidden, a new problem arose –how to get past security without causing  commotion that could possibly mess everything up.

“I left her behind and moved lines just to get by fast,  so they wouldn’t metal detect me and I wouldn’t get caught with the ring,” Miller Said.

Miller opted for a Dodgers game, not for a symbolic meaning, although Gunderson is a die-hard fan of the Dodgers, but rather because he believed that she would want it in that manner, with pictures and a grand audience.

“That had been my lifelong dream, and he didn’t know it, but I told my mom and sister that I wanted to be proposed at Dodger Stadium,” Gunderson said. “and I wanted to run up and down the stairs and have everyone cheer for me.”

Although Gunderson was able to experience a proposal in front of thousands of people, there was one small detail she noticed that could have made the moment even more unforgettable.

“In all the pictures I have, you can’t see my face, you can only see Kevins face,” Gunderson said, “but, after looking through a few pictures I noticed that a man took pictures that had my reactions rather than my fiancés.”

In order to try to obtain the pictures that could express her reactions, Gunderson set out to use  social media in order to find the man who could make her happiness complete. She posted a picture that showed the man circled in green and next to it a little blurb of the reason why she is in search of him. Within a span of a few hours her picture had been shared on Facebook more than 600 times. With the help of her friends, as well as students, the sharing was spread more than she anticipated.

“I don’t have Ms. Gunderson as a friend on Facebook, but I don’t know how the picture showed up on my newsfeed and I just had to share it” Alejandra Chantre said.

Finally, after a few days, the picture had been shared 1,629 times.

“Although, I think we might not find him, it just made me feel great that there are so many nice people out there, like a Disney story where I’m suppose to learn a lesson” Gunderson Said.

The search continues, in attempts to find the mysterious man with the pictures, however; a few pictures does not stop Gunderson from remembering one of the best days of her life which came to be at a Dodger game against the Marlins at the end of the fourth inning with the dream come true of finally being “cute enough” for the Kiss Cam.