Rocking out for Relay for Life


Norma Flores

In attempts to help bring in more donations for Relay for Life, math teacher Eric Bradfield and his band, DTC, perform during both lunches on Thur March 21, in the gym. The band performed a series of grunge songs including works originally by Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

Rodas Hailu, Co-Editor-in-Chief

On Thursday, March 21, math teacher Mr. Bradfield and his band, DTC, performed during both lunches to raise money for Relay for Life.


Formed last August, Bradfield’s band is a group that performs classic grunge songs, such as “Plush,” “Alive,” and “Smells like Teen Spirit,” for the over 500 Vikings that witnessed the performance in the gymnasium. With the band members dressed in typical grunge-like attire, such as long wigs, flannel shirts, and baggy pants, the stage was set.


Senior Candice Potvin was not expecting to see Bradfield, who plays drums, as a different character.


“It was a shock to see him in a wig,” Potvin said. “He looks like a totally different person with long hair.”


Junior Precious Sarei, a student of Bradfield’s Algebra 2 class, enjoyed seeing her own teacher engage in a good cause.


“I really liked the band,” Sarei said. “They were quite a funny looking band. Funny in a good way. They had lots of energy. I was pretty astonished that they [rest of the band members] left work to raise money for cancer research.”


For Bradfield, performing to raise money for cancer research connected with his personal life.


“My mom just finished her last chemo treatment,” Bradfield said, “and she’s cancer free. She took chemo for a year.”


One of the songs the band performed, “Heart Shaped Box” by Nirvana, contained the lyric “I wished I could eat your cancer away,” that DTC was delicate about using because of its reference to the disease that Relay for Life is trying to fight against.


“It was one of those hard-hitting lyrics,” Bradfield said.


Although the performance for some students and faculty members may have brought back memories of a friend or family member with cancer, it was an act that allowed many to partake in the fight against this disease.