Can you guess who your teachers are?


Zainub Tremasi

Since 1991, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Falcon, Mrs. Roybal, and Mr.Weisenburger have been staff members at DHS and were chosen to be part of the faculty quiz. “WOW! Is that Mrs. Roybal, said Sindy Roa, 12, she looks so different!”

Rodas Hailu, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Twenty teachers and staff members have been included in a quiz that shows their pictures from the 1991 yearbook to boost the moral of the faculty.


What originally started as pure enjoyment, Mr. Houts and Mrs. Lucke found these pictures and they quickly became the premise of a quiz. The object of this quiz was for teachers to guess who the people were in the photos. The person who was first to get them all correct won a prize, which was lunch provided by Mr. Houts.


This quiz includes teachers Mr. Glasser, Mr. Swancoat, Mr. Warhurst, as well former students Andrea Sims, Mark Rand, and Jack Williams. English teacher Ms. Davies reflects on her picture from twenty-two years ago.


“I like my hair straightened now, so I would probably tell myself to buy a good flat iron!” Davies said.


Although the quiz was done purely for fun, Davies looks back and wonders what she would tell her former self.


“Although I’ve done this, I would remind myself to enjoy every moment of every day, every experience, and every person that enters your life,” Davies said.


For students, the teachers’ changes have blown them away. For Yaritza Figueroa, the difference between Mrs. Roybal’s picture as a blonde in 1991 and her appearance now as a brunette astonished her.


“It looks nothing like her,” Figueroa said. “She completely changed.”


Mrs. Roybal herself cringes when she looks back to her picture with her bleached-out hair.


“I wished I had quit dying my hair blonde years before this picture was taken,” Roybal said. “I dyed it a very light blonde from the age of 15 to 30. This picture was taken a few months before I went back to my natural color, a darker brown.”


Psychology teacher Ms. Neria, who was one of the twenty teachers included in the quiz, got the most answers correct, and won the prize. Although the pictures of the staff were taken over twenty years ago, the photos in the quiz have brought back memories and a few chuckles.