PTA: Oct. 2012


Marilyn Ramirez, Copy Editor/Co-Editor-in-Chief

The monthly PTSA meeting was called to order on Oct.15, at 6:00 p.m., in the theatre, where Downey’s parents, teachers, and students alike discussed the start-of-school events, senior privileges, and various programs that have been implemented into the school’s coursework.


PTSA President Patty Northcott started off the session with  an advertisement for the annual Food Drive held by H.E.L.P.S., which will begin on Oct. 29 and continue until Nov. 26. For a continuous impressive turnout, the board hopes to add to the 467 members.


“Teachers received a ream of a paper as an invitation for their participation in these meeting,” Northcott said. “Hopefully they can see why we need them.”


After the treasurer’s report of the $11, 734.44 balance on hand, Principal Tom Houts gave a rundown of the attendance rates in response to questions asked by parent Melissa Montero.


“I’m just wondering how often these kids are going to school and making sure mine doesn’t take advantage her off-campus privileges,” Montero said.


With a 99.75% average daily attendance and a combined total of a mere 21 days of suspension-which is a decrease from last year’s 31-Houts had more than enough good news to appease concerned parents.


“Even with the population at almost 4,500, our A.D.A is so incredible that we get investigated every year for having so little drops in attendance,” Houts said. “This is just another thing we get to beat Warren at. Thanks to the kids and teachers with their over qualifications, the teachers at Downey are the highest paid in the entire L.A.U.S.D.”


Following the principal’s report, Director of Activities Gordon Weisenburger, along with a few ASB members, elaborated on what students have been doing since September:Club Rush, ASB freshmen elections, the Downey vs. Warren football game, the Dig Pink volleyball game, and the Red Cross Blood Drive.


“Thanks to the kids and community members, we managed to receive  320 units of blood,”  Weisenbuger said. “That’s 960 lives Downey has saved.”


ASB member David Mancina also commented on the success of the Dig Pink match.


“It was really nice just to see everyone come together for this cause,” Mancina said.


Before the meeting came to an end, Yearbook staff member Zeina Kamaz introduced to the prices for yearbook ad pages that, at the end of the year, would be displayed with photos of their child along with a sincere message from his or her family.


“I think it’s very helpful that they tell us so early in the year,” parent  Lizzet Torres said. “Senior year is already so expensive; I’m hoping for a discount somewhere!


As more interested parents, teachers, and students decide to take part in the PTSA, its sessions will continue to hold a wider variety of opinions to speak for the student body. The next meeting will be held on Nov. 5, at 6:00 p.m. in the theatre.