Celebrating Literature


During first period in room S-22 on December 7, the Honors English 11 students work on their letters to literature for the author of their choice. The assignment was given for students to express their feelings about literature, and to attempt too win prizes that Target will give to the National winners.

Norma Flores, Sports Editor

As thousands of students all over the nation prepare to turn in their letters for the annual Letters about Literature contest, Downey High School students will turn them in on Jan. 6, during their English classes. Letters about Literature is a contest that helps celebrate all the prominent authors.


In order to prepare for this contest, some English teachers made this a mandatory assignment while other allowed students to do on their own. The contest consists of writing a reflective letter that described how an author’s work changed their lives.


“It took me a while to choose who I would write to, because I had such a wide variety that it was difficult to just choose one,” Sophia Paik, 11, said.


The contest is divided into 3 levels; students will be competing in the third level for grades 9 through 12. The rules were simple: do not compliment, inform the author of your feelings, and do not summarize the book. With this in mind, students began their letters.

There are many authors being featured by the students, such as: Michael Cunningham, Sophia Romero, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, Liz Murray and more. Many have already finished their letters, and have hopes to win.


Clare Cho, 11, wrote her letter to Liz Murray, with the book “Breaking Night”. She choose this author because “Breaking Night” made her change the perspective on how she treats her parents.


“Even though she [Liz] had druggy parents she never complained, and was loving” Clare Cho, 11, said.


There were many topics covered in the letters, it ranged from learning how important it is to be dedicated, to learning to give unconditional love to your parents.


“ I am confident that my letter could win an National prize,” Jamela Gonzales, 11, said.


The due date is coming closer, and the English Department hopes that this will not just be another assignment, but a way to celebrate literature.