Last PTA meeting of the year

Last PTA meeting of the year

Principal Tom Houts reads a list of events happening from now until September to parents at the PTA meeting, on June 13, in the theater. The last meeting also included members talking about student activities, future fundraising and an introduction of staff for the upcoming year.

This month’s PTA members gathered for their last meeting of the year at the theater on June 13. The association had various speakers that informed affiliates on the month’s events, business, and upcoming affairs to deal with. The hot topics for the nights included graduation, budget expenditures, and preparations for the start of the next school year. Those addressing these topics included Mr. Houts, Martha Michael, and Mr. Weisenburger.

First on the agenda was Mr. Houts with his line up of the month. He explained the success of Baccalaureate, which attracted around 342 people at the Downey Calvary Church. Continuing on with the senior topic, he then proceeded to discuss graduation and the senior class in general. There are currently 938 seniors enrolled and about 920-910 of them will graduate this year -the biggest class yet. Although there is a large amount of students graduating, the same amount of stadium tickets will be available for purchase: a total of 7,000.

Of those seniors that will be graduating, a small amount has applied for the Stauffer Scholarship provided by the Stauffer family. In celebration of the recipients, Downey will be hosting a small breakfast at the garden on June 14. The Stauffer scholarship has been helping graduating students with appreciated donations. Mr. Houts hopes to induct Mary Stauffer into the hall of fame, the upcoming year.

Also, the senior slide show will be on Friday, June 17 during sixth period. The last week of school will consist of one full day on Monday and Tuesday through Thursday will be block schedule and will end at noon each day. Summer school will begin on June 27 and the principal for the summer will be Julie Marie. Then continuing on with the school events includes registration for students beginning on Aug. 22. Again the following school year will start late, on Sept. 7.

Taking on yet another task, Houts will be planning the Fourth of July celebrations for the city. A show will be conducted on campus that includes jumpers, food, and fireworks. The festivities will begin at 5 PM. and continue on until the night.
Mr. Zegarra then took the stage and asked members if they would like to volunteer during the after-graduation festivities. He mentioned that Mr. Baker would like to have around 4-5 non-senior parents to help check in students after graduation. Around 150 students will be attending Boomers for their Grad Night celebration.

Activities Director, Mr. Weisenburger, proceeded to tell of the month’s events alongside ASB member, Naomi Cotella. Events such as Prom, Powderpuff, Staff Appreciation Week, and the Blood Drive were recited. Also, as part of his agenda, Mr.Weseinburger stated that Jostens would be taking appointments for senior portraits, which will be done on campus. Junior parents should have received a letter explaining the process and requirements.

On another note, Liz Schlegel, discussed more possibilities for the school to earn money through reward programs available. The one program Schlegel is really pushing for is Screaming Daily Deals, which gives schools one dollar for every email sign up. For every purchase made, 10% of the total cost will be donated to the school. Schlegel has been fundraising and has raised 400 dollars from one program alone. She works with various restaurants to receive some profit from purchases made by Downey High students or families. With the money raises, Schlegel will give every teacher one ream of paper. Towards the end of the meeting, Lourdes Guzman revealed the Reflections theme for the upcoming school year: “Diversity Means…”

Lastly, members discussed possible changes to the meeting dates but ended up agreeing not to change. With the end of the year at a midst, PTA members prepare to end on a positive note and already start their plans for the next year.