A thank you to the staff

A thank you to the staff

On May 26, staff members and teachers were rewarded with a lunch in the garden, provided by the ASB council, to show appreciation for all the hard work they have put into teaching their students. “ This was the best lunch that we’ve had in the 10 years I’ve been here,” Mr. Wade said.

The week of May 23 through May 27 consisted of vibrant balloons and witty posters throughout campus in celebration of Staff Appreciation Week.

Throughout the year, teachers and staff work hard in order to provide students with a comfortable learning environment. As a thank you, ASB organized Staff Appreciation Week where the faculty was treated to a continental breakfast, a luncheon, and personalized signs decorating their doors.

“My favorite part [of the week] is when you put the posters outside the class. Especially when one of my students writes it,” Spanish teacher Ms. Ramirez said. “It makes me feel that my work has been accomplished.”

On Tues., May 24, Café a la ASB provided the staff with coffee, bagels, muffins, and bionicos (fruit with cream and granola) to brighten their morning. Following their breakfast, the hard-working honorees were given a luncheon in the garden on Thurs., May 27. Balloons and ribbons surrounded the tables as the staff was invited in with loud applause and cheers from ASB members. Numerous tables were covered with white and red shades, proudly showing the Viking logo. The soothing atmosphere of the garden and serene music welcomed the teachers as they joined in on conversations and enjoyed their buffet-style lunch where they could serve themselves whatever they please.

“I’m glad ASB has these lunches for the staff,” junior Jesus Pelayo said. “I think it’s a nice way to say ‘thank you.’”

Although ASB is the one responsible for putting together these events, it encourages the student body to spread gratitude toward their teachers.

“Every time Staff Appreciation Week comes by I realize the hard work that the teachers put in daily and I try thank them for that by working hard,” junior Gerardo Padilla said. “Without our staff our school would not be where it is.”

The dedication and perseverance put in by the faculty does not go unnoticed. Each year, the Associated Student Body hosts Staff Appreciation Week often in order to commemorate the extraordinary work done by the school’s leaders. It is both a thank you and a recognition for the outstanding staff Downey is grateful to have.