Wierzchucki awarded April Teacher of the Month

Wierzchucki awarded April Teacher of the Month

Teacher of the month, Mr. Wierzchucki has only been at Downey for a year and already feels welcomed by the staff and the students. Mr. Wierzchucki teaches World History and American History.

Julia Ruiz, Sports Editor

During his first year as a staff member at Downey, Bryan Wierzchucki was named April’s teacher of the month.

Wierzchucki decided to become a teacher because he wanted to achieve something in life. Encouraged by his wife, he decided to find a successful career and returned to school to receive his Masters in Education and a teaching credential in Social Studies.

Although he has taught for a total of six years, this marks Wierzchucki’s first year as a Viking, teaching both World and American History. After such a short amount of time, he already feels comfortable and like a part of the Downey community.

“I tell people all the time that I never knew what I was missing out until I came to Downey,” Wierzchucki said. “I love this school. Everyone makes me feel so welcome and wanted. The support we get from everyone is almost overwhelming at times.”

As a teacher, Wierzchucki stands out as students’ favorite. He allows his class to think for themselves and not get influenced by others’ opinions.

“He doesn’t just give you answers,” sophomore Brandon Fonseca said. “He makes us think and gives us references and a way to remember information.”

The worthy honoree works hard to provide his students with a strong education and an opportunity to do well in life, and his amiable personality reaches out to them.

“He’s outgoing and gets to know his students,” junior Nicky Mejia said. “He interacts with us and understands us. Most teachers should follow his example.”

Although teaching comes with various benefits, such as frequent vacations, Wierzchucki’s favorite part of his job are his students. He is influenced by his students’ stories and personalities just as his students are by his.

“I tell my students that coming to work is like watching five episodes of Jersey Shore every day. The personalities that fill the classroom are so diverse and not one day is similar to the next,” Wierzchucki said. “As their lives change, so does yours. They share stories and experiences and in turn I share mine.”

Wierzchucki’s outgoing personality, hard work, and dedication to his students have awarded him an honorary recognition, one that both students and faculty think is greatly deserved.