PTA: April 2011


Winners of the Reflections Program, Rebekah Jin, Yesenia Rios, Vanessa Lam, and Chau Ngyen, pose with Lourdes Guzman, Vivian Durkee, Tom Houts, Gordon Weisenburger, and Anthony Zegarra during the PTA meeting on April 11. Senior activities, an update of the past months events, and an introduction of new board members for the up-coming school year were also discussed.

A PTSA held meeting was conducted on Apr 11 presenting the Reflections contest winners and an update of the month’s events. PTA president, Martha Michael began with the reading of minutes.

Following, Tom Houts conducted the principal’s report. Houts announced that no furlough days would be scheduled for the upcoming school year. Also, made a clear proclamation regarding upcoming PSAT test. Underclassmen would be offered the PSAT test for $10 and Princeton Review classes on how to improve their score. A total of four tests would be conducted during the three-week cram session Princeton Review would offer. Houts recommended the tests for sophomores and juniors in preparation for the actual SAT test.

Houts also mentioned the upcoming Good Dog Friday event hosted to raise awareness to adopt pets. For the second year in a row, teachers and administrators have been able to bring their rescued dogs for a day. An undeniable supporter of the cause, Houts, also known as the Pig Man, visited SEACCA and had a tour of the euthanasia process. Not only were dogs and cats put down, but any other animal. The pig currently living in the garden was rescued from SEACCA.

From rescued dogs to senior activities, Houts spoke of every subject. On April 28, the Viking awards will be hosted at the Downey Theater.

Following Houts, Activities Director, Mr. Weisenburger and a group of ASB members delivered the month’s past and upcoming events. The fundraising event for the Japanese earthquake collected around $1000 in donations for the American Red Cross. ASB affiliates added that Jostens would be coming to Downey on April 14 for those seniors who still need to buy their cap and gown.

Lourdes Guzman introduced the Reflections Contest winners and participants. The theme for this years contest was “Together We Can.” Twenty photos, four pieces of literature, and two visual art entrees participated. First place for photography went to Rebekah Jin, second place for visual arts went to Yesenia Rios, and first place for literature went to Vanessa Lamb.

Next month’s meeting will be held on May 9 at 6:00 p.m. discussing teen driving and alcohol intake.