Zumba class dances their way to fitness

Zumba class dances their way to fitness

Stretching before using the sliding disks, Mrs. Fitzl leads the Zumba class with some comforting music on March 29 in the dance room. “I enjoy Zumba because it works the whole body and its so much fun!” said junior Alexis Barrios.

Spanish teacher, Mrs. Fitzl holds Zumba Fitness in the dance room every Tuesday from 3:30 to 4:30 for five dollars a walk-in or twenty dollars for 5 classes, plus a free class. Zumba originated to fundraise money for the Hispanic Culture and Dance class to buy costumes. Spanish teachers or Physical Education teachers across campus have offered extra credit to their students for attending this class and allowed the students’ parents to attend for additional extra credit as well.

“I’ve heard about the class and it sounds like a lot of fun,” sophomore Selena Dolumz said. “I really want to start going considering I like to Zumba either way.”

Zumba has been in existence for the past two years and is constantly rising in the amount of people who attend. Parents are very enthusiastic about the involvement in school activities and dancing.

“I want Zumba to grow and have the entire student body aware that this class is open for students, parents, and staff,” Fitzl said.

The mixture of Latin, African, and Arabian music consisting of merengue, salsa, cumbias, belly dancing, and a cool down brings in a larger variety of different students who are interested in these types of dances.

“I’ve been coming here for the past two months and I like how Mrs. Fitzl changes the routine a little, but is consistent on most of the moves,” junior Alexis Barrios said.

Zumba is an open for anyone interested in learning a more cultural movements. It also provides a workout for those who enjoy dancing for pleasure and fun.