Mrs. Bean is crowned Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Bean is crowned Teacher of the Year

Discussing modes of communication, Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Bean explains the differences between grammatical and rhetorical passages to her third period on March 29. Many students would agree that her sarcastic humor livens the English lessons on a daily basis, which, lead to her earning the Teacher of the Year title.

Monochromatic balloons and decorative signs lauded Mrs. Bean, of S-23, as the new Teacher of the Year on Fri, Mar 18. On Thursday morning, Mrs. Bean was greeted with cheers from her second period AP English class as the morning announcements reported her recent accomplishment. The Alaskan was chosen from a pool of 150 teachers to win the highest honor of the Downey Unified School District and its attached one thousand dollar reward. She follows past DHS Masonic Teacher of the Year recipients Mrs. Sims in 2007-08 and Mr. Swancoat of 2005-06, and Mrs. Bean was also awarded the joint Kiwanis Teacher of the Year award.

“Although it is embarrassing to be complimented so publicly, it is absolutely an honor to be selected for such a recognition—and to be chosen from so many worthy of the compliment is humbling,” Mrs. Bean said.

After graduating from Arizona State University, Mrs. Bean found her way to California and eventually Downey High School. Since her arrival, Mrs. Bean has spread her love for literature and English to her students for more than a decade. She is now the resident AP English Literature/Composition teacher as well as an ELD and English 10 instructor.

The faculty has shown their support for this administrative decision, and teachers believe that the right person was chosen for the award.

“I’m green with envy, and I wish my room as decorated just like hers,” Economics teacher Mr. Glasser jokingly said. “But she’s very deserving.”

Mrs. Bean has impressed both her students and the administration with her inventive teaching tactics and free-style of discussion. Instead of making her students do busywork, she prefers to sit down and talk about literature and philosophy. Rather than take points away for errors, she prefers to reward points for learning from one’s mistakes.

“Mrs. Bean makes AP English the class I look forward to the most. English is usually my least favorite subject, but we always learn and do different things everyday in that class,” senior Sara Paik said. “She brings her own flavor into teaching even the dull parts of Lit. I think she truly deserves the teacher of the year!”

Mrs. Bean, however, was deeply surprised when Mr. Houts visited her third period and named her as the recipient of the award.

“Well, the one thousand dollars is certainly a tangible benefit, and a very generous gift from the Masons! But it’s also quite uplifting to know that others appreciate my work, and the very kindest fallout from this award has been the warm congratulations that so many of my colleagues have wished me,” Mrs. Bean said. “As cliché as it certainly must sound, I work in the best of all possible schools, with the best of all possible colleagues, with the best of all possible students. I really do love DHS.”

Mrs. Bean, through her promotion of literary discussion, instills thought within her students, and the teachers and administration reward her with warm congratulations.