PTA: March 2011


During the PTA meeting on March 13, Principal Houts takes the members of the organization on a field trip into the garden. Houts wanted to show additions to the school that encourage involvement for the students.

In an effort to inform parents, the PTA met on March 14 to discuss both the previous and upcoming events for the month.

First to take the stage was Principal Tom Houts, as it was time to give his monthly report. Before touching upon any other subject, he briefly talked about the decision to place Mr. Nevarez as the new vice principal. Though he was very discreet, Houts was sure to mention that the decision was final and that he trusted Nevarez with his new position.

As Houts left the stage, PTA President Martha Michael went up to give her report. She started off by thanking VP Patty Northcott for printing the registration fliers for next year’s PTA. With the new senior class coming in, Michael spoke a bit on how it was important for the 12th graders to sign up. She then preceded to mention that on April 4 there will be a council meeting honoring two of the organization’s members: VP Liz Schlegel and Principal Houts.

It was ASB member Joshua Noa and Mr. Gordon Weisenburger who followed. Noa started by talking about the Black Light Assembly that was held on March 10. The futuristic theme of the assembly proved itself to be appealing yet again, as the security guards had to close the gates due to the gym being completely full. Performances were made from school icons such as Royal Dynasty and the dance team. Noa also expanded on the ASB elections for next year. In an effort to keep the students aware of who is running, a caucus will be held on March 29.

Once the presenters concluded, the PTA council decided to take a tour of the horticulture and landscaping program recently installed in school. Thanks to Mr. Houts’s effort to make school activities more hands on, classes such as Botany and Anatomy have brought about a municipal program that allows different students the ability to work side by side in activities such as gardening and raising chickens. In the vacant area along side the tennis courts, a total of 67 different trees and plants have been planted to be eventually sold or used in school affairs.

After wrapping up the meeting by taking the attendees to see the two-week old chicks, the principal invited everyone to attend the next-next meeting on May 9 due to its relevance to today’s society and internet safety.