Cash for Children of the Night


Students pass a box around to collect money for the charity “Children of the Night,” sponsored by Ms. James to raise funds for children exploited to abuse, prostitution, and slavery starting in November and ending on Dec. 17. The students who raise the most money for the cause will be rewarded with a donut party hosted by Ms. James in room B-206.

History teacher Ms. James has decided to make a difference in many children’s lives by bringing forth a charitable opportunity to her first, fourth, and sixth periods with an organization called Children of the Night. Dr. Lois Lee founded this non-profit organization in 1979, though was not opened as a shelter until 1992, which rescues youth between the ages of eleven through seventeen from child prostitution.  There, children are provided with education, therapy, and most of all, a place to stay.  Not many people want to take in these adolescents that have been through such trauma, and those that do decide to care for these kids have to deal with the issues that go hand-in-hand.

“I don’t know why people would not want to stop child prostitution,” junior Izamar Ramos said.  “These kids need help, and if we could help them, I’m sure it would mean a lot to them.”

The subject came up one day in class when a student asked why child labor and unhealthy working conditions are relevant to today and the curriculum.

“It seemed really devastating,” said Ms. James.  “Honestly, the first thing that came to my mind was ‘What if this was one of my kids?’”

As a result, Ms. James has decided to raise money as a donation for Children of the Night. Her goal is to meet $500.00 before Winter Break.  Dividing the number 500 among three classes, the total goal for each class comes out to about $167.00 each.  Moreover, fourth period is the only class that is close to their goal and can possibly even surpass the target.

“It’s very inspiring [what Ms. James is doing] because not many people care about runaways and these kids that have been through so much,” junior Karina Alvarez said.  “I want to be the type of person that is there for people. I’m just trying to show some compassion and empathy.”

There’s a reward for the classes participating as well.  If the classes meet $100.00 each, they will have a history-free day; however, if the classes meet the goal of $167.00 each, they will have a history-free day as well as a donut party provided by Ms. James.  Many of the students have been participating, and with all them so interested in this issue, the goal is sure to be met.