A week just for the staff


In the name of Teacher Appreciation Week, ASB takes charge of hosting a luncheon on Nov. 17 for all teachers to enjoy out in the school’s garden. The luncheon served refreshments as well as varied meals to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Anais Hinajosa, A&E Assistant

Posters covered the walls all around school to honor teachers during Staff Appreciation Week, which took place the week of November 15-19. These colorful posters not only beautify and bring life to the otherwise bare walls of the hallways, but they give the staff the praise they deserve. From “Miss Kasner is the cat’s meow” to “Thankz 4 teeching us engleesh Davies,” the ASB posters truly show teachers that their hard work is appreciated.

“Mostly, I want to get to the individual teachers,” ASB commissioner of teacher recognition, Jacqueline Nunez said, “that’s why I did individual posters.”

To show further appreciation for the staff, faculty members were invited to attend Cafe a la ASB Wednesday morning for coffee, juice, donuts, and fruit served in a coffee house setting.

“Just knowing that the whole breakfast is student organized and that the students are thinking about their teachers, it makes the whole thing really good,” Spanish teacher Mrs. Fitzl said.

Following this breakfast event came the staff luncheon in the newly renovated garden, for a change, as this annual luncheon is usually held at the bell tower. Here, teachers mingled and were able to enjoy their special week while enjoying the scenery of the peaceful garden.

“The garden has a pond and a bunch of flowers so we thought it would be a nicer place for teachers to go and just relax,” Nunez said.

Students, eager to show their appreciation for their favorite teachers and staff members, brought gifts ranging from Coffee Bean or Starbucks gift cards to classic yet beloved red apples.

“I’d like to give every person that works here a pot of flowers and a check for a million dollars,” sophomore John Hernandez said. “We should treat the staff extra special this week.”

Staff Appreciation Week is dedicated to making sure all teachers and staff get the thanks and recognition they deserve for all their hard work.