Will you wait?

"I Will Wait" by Mumford & Sons

Vivian Buenrostro , Co-Editor-in-Cheif

From the roots of England, Mumford and Sons’ undeniable success has taken the folk music world by storm. Moderately gaining popularity while sustaining a unique sound, their three albums have never fallen short of reasonable acknowledgement. Releasing their madly successful single “I Will Wait” brought a colossal amount of new fans and recognition towards the British folk band. On Sept. 24, 2012, their album Babel was officially available to the public. Their upbeat folk tempos, simplified lyrics and, of course, their signature banjo playing has been capturing the hearts of versatile audiences since 2007. Within the first week the track sold 600,000 copies and peaked at number two on the Billboard Rock Singles chart. The alternative folk- rock band includes four band members that variously play multiple instruments. Lead vocalist/guitarist Marcus Mumford is accompanied by banjo player Winston Marshall, string bass player Ted Dwane and keys player/accordionist Ben Lovett. It is no secret that the band is rewarded with an immense amount fame, but through it all, the multi instrumentalists stay humble. “Our success has been amazing, and we don’t understand why, but we feel responsible to work even harder,” Lovett also told BBC Radio 1 “we’ve been working very hard these past years and people are barely finding out about us, which is understandable, so everything is still lot of fun.” The production of their track “I Will Wait” has had its fair share of controversial debate in determining its true meaning. Reviewers say it has a religious background due to the fact that church leaders raised Marcus Mumford. The lyrics “Raise my hands, paint my spirit gold/ bow my head, keep my heart slow/ Cause I will wait, I will wait for you” are interpreted as waiting for God”s better judgment and love; however, other reviewers argue that the song is referring to lover that’s worth waiting for. All in all, the band’s tunes have had a positive reaction form their many different audiences and that itself will continue to guide them in the glorious road to successful bliss. “This is a dream come true, we are so lucky” Mumford tells Clash Magazine, and a dream come true it is, as they will take off on their world tour October 20, 2012.