Hamilton Comes to LA: An Inspiring Musical

Brenda Melara, Writer

Wait for it? The wait is over. Hamilton is here. From Broadway to LA’s Pantages Theater, the well-known musical of the nation sold out their tickets before the opening on August 11 at eight p.m. It was worth the wait because it is an untold story that everyone can relate to.


Hamilton is a beautiful musical that combines the story of the uncomprehended hero Alexander Hamilton and a modern music style. If you are not sure about watching this musical you can find their songs in YouTube; that is how I became a fan of the musical, only by listening to the songs I could feel what the characters felt and even identified with them. The songs by itself could tell the story of this characters, and not only the story of Alexander Hamilton but also the people who fought by his side, support him when no one believed in him and even the people who were against him. The songs talk about love and lost and especially fear about failure which is something all of us as human beings have ever felt.


This is the story of a man that started as an outsider, as an illegitimate son in the Caribbean, but did not let that stop him from becoming one of the greatest men America ever knew. Hamilton is the definition of the American Dream which is probably why it has been so successful in Los Angeles, a city full of different people who came here or their families came here hoping to find the American Dream.


This musical brings you hope and shows you how you can reach the sky if you believe in yourself and what you are fighting for. Even though it is hard to find tickets at this point it is totally worth it. This musical is not like any story of the hero who reach the happy ending, it is much more than that. If you are not sure find information about this musical, listen to the songs, the interviews, read the book and you will find all the effort has been put in the production of this musical. You can still get a ticket by participating in the daily lottery by downloading the official Hamilton App.


In the LA production, the musical has some of their own cast with actors who are born and raised in California. Michael Luwoye as Alexander Hamilton, Joshua Henry as Aaron Burr, Solea Pfeiffer as Eliza Hamilton and Emmy Raver-Lampman as Angelica Schuyler are a few cast members that give live to the musical in Los Angeles.

Hamilton: An American musical , is based on the nonfiction novel written by Ron Chernow, and follows the life of the American founding father Alexander Hamilton, whose ambition drove him from a bastard son and Caribbean outsider into a war hero and George Washington’s right hand man showing us how it is possible to pull yourself together and reach your highest goals. The creator is Lin-Manuel Miranda who also gives life to the protagonist in the Broadway production. Hamilton is a musical you cannot miss.