Fall Movie Recommendations

Alyssa Gin

Fall is the perfect time to wind down and watch a movie whether it be a scary, horror movie or a warm, fuzzy, feel good one. Here are our fall movie recommendations:


Hocus Pocus focuses on a comedic trio of sisters who are witches who were executed in 1693 in Salem. 300 years later, a boy named Max accidentally resurrected them while trying to impress a girl named Alison. Finally freed from the spell, the witches wreak havoc on Salem. From then on Max, his sister Dani, and Alison battle with the witches trying to save the children and people of Salem.


The movie Coraline follows the story of a young girl when she moves into a new house and discovers a tunnel that leads to another world. Letting her curiosity get the best of her, she travels into the unknown tunnel and comes across a world similar to hers. However, everyone in this world has buttons for their eyes. What seems like the “perfect” world for her with attentive parents, home cooked meals, and everything in between, not everything is what it seems. When her “family” from the other world starts acting suspicious, Coraline knows she’s in trouble.


The Nightmare Before Christmas is about the pumpkin king of HalloweenTown, Jack Skellington, who discovers Christmas for the first time. Tired of doing the same thing every year, he ventures out into the woods and discovers Christmas Town. Amazed by the spirit and cheerfulness of the town, he wants to spread joy to the residents of his own town. But as he attempts to create his own Christmas, he runs into quite a few problems. 


The Addams Family consists of an unconventional family that features parents Morticia and Gomez, along with their two children Wednesday and Pugsley. Their family is quite wealthy so when someone comes into their house claiming to be Gomez’s long lost brother Frankie, it’s not soon after that the family becomes suspicious. 

Frankenweenie is a story about a young boy, Victor Frakenstein, with a dog named Sparky. When the inevitable happens and Sparky dies, Victor uses his knowledge from his science class and miraculously resurrects Sparky. With this being successful, Victor’s other classmates catch on and start resurrecting other dead animals. However, these actions have come with major consequences.