Peter Rabbit

Nicole Estrada, Writer

Peter Rabbit, a children’s movie released on Feb. 9, has recently faced criticism from multiple parents. The film features the title character, Peter, in a fight against the antagonist, McGregor (Domhnall Gleeson).


The scene features the rabbits trying to find another way of getting their garden back; they try to achieve their plan by giving McGregor an allergic reaction. After getting hit by blackberries, McGregor begins to choke and soon relieves himself with an EpiPen.


Valery Salas, 11, enjoyed the movie not knowing that this scene was harmful to any of the children, but after reading an article on the controversy she understood the backlash from parents.


“I think the scene is too sensitive for the children,” Salas said. “This shows children that they may have some advantages over other children who have allergies.”


The parents have called Peter Rabbit “an allergy bully” because the character uses McGregor’s allergy weakness against him. They say their children should not be learning to bully someone who has allergies because it can be life-threatening.


On the other hand, Chris Macias, 12, believes that the scene was not sensitive and could go both ways, depending on parents.


“It can go any way on this really,” Macias said. “I think it’s good for these children to understand the use of an EpiPen in case this was to happen to anyone around them, this could possibly save a life.”


Parents started using #BoycottPeterRabbit to air their disappointment on Twitter. But not all are disappointed, others are criticizing those parents who are getting offended.


Melissa Reynoso, 12, saw nothing wrong with this scene but the idea that the creators took this scene lightly did not come across her mind at any time during this movie.


“Personally, I see nothing wrong with this scene,” Reynoso said. “Kids have seen worse in their life. Why would this make any difference?”


The C.E.O of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America are hoping the creators will take out that particular scene or will keep the movie out of theaters. The C.E.O of Allergy UK also saw this movie as irresponsible because Sony does not portray the life threatening danger of allergies and anaphylactic shock.