Lightning Turns Sawdust Gold

Ajla Nasic, Social Media Manager

Following their three year hiatus, the indie-pop duo, Sleigh Bells, released a fourteen track album entitled Jessica Rabbit on Nov 11. Prior to the album’s official release, the group streamed the entirety of their newest creation for free of charge. Jessica Rabbit consists of multiple fast-paced songs, a sound that has been trademarked by the duo, comprised of vocalist Alexis Krauss and guitarist Derek Miller. Among the fast-paced songs, a track entitled “Lightning Turns Sawdust Gold”, possesses key elements familiar to the duo’s loud, noisy style. The track reeks of reminiscence and nostalgia as Krauss narrates a hopeless, romantic relationship she was formerly involved in: “I was dreaming of a dead-end street that we used to run down” / “We were running around until our hearts broke down.” Despite the lyrics exuding melancholy, Krauss’s upbeat voice contrasts with the overall message of the song. The song is unbelievably relatable to all who have experienced a sense of heartbreak and yearning for someone who is no longer in their lives. As a long-time fan of the group, I am extremely impressed with their infusion of new and old elements that define their music. Sleigh Bells managed to successfully intertwine booming beats with soft vocals and instruments throughout the duration of the album, which is truly exemplified in “Lightning Turns Sawdust Gold”. Although they have evolved as a band, Sleigh Bells continue to create music that speaks to many on an emotional level all while staying upbeat and pop-inspired. Currently, the duo is touring the west coast, primarily the Los Angeles and San Francisco area, in order to promote their new, highly-requested album.