Bored To Death

Aimee-Nicole Torres, Community/Parent & Teachers Editor

American Rock band, Blink-182, released a new song on April 27 called “Bored to Death” on KROQ, with a new lyric video on their YouTube channel. “Bored to Death” is one of the many songs on their new album California, set to release July 1. This is the bands first album without ex-band member Tom DeLonge since he left the band in 2015 . Matt Skiba has taken his place as guitarist as of 2015. “Bored to Death” has a 90s vibe with a hint of modern style. Blink-182’s music is targeted to teens going through tough times and used as a way to express their emotions. The lyrics “Back on Earth, I’m broken, lost and cold and fading fast” are significant to the song because it shows how much they are hurting, you can feel the emotion though the song. As a Blink-182 fan, their come back song could not have been better. It was everything I hoped for and more. “Bored to Death” listeners wanting more because it brings excitement and anxiousness for the new album.