Euphoria Season 2 Review: Spoiler Warning

Ariel Lara, Photographer

After waiting two years from a cliffhanger along with a two part special, Euphoria fans across the world are relieved that season two has officially been released. This season has been said to be darker, attached with a rollercoaster full of emotions, and the audience is ready to see what is going to be coming their way.


The HBO series is set upon a group of high school students who are and still continuing to face the anguish of teenage life. Serious topics such as mental health, drugs, temper, identity, and love are all covered throughout each character in the show. 


A variety of different predictions, thoughts, and opinions of this new season from viewers have all made the suspension of the show even more enjoyable and interesting so far. It has started off with such a big bang that no one will stop talking about it. All media platforms have been flooded with news and reactions from everyone, including some Downey High School students. 


Fan of the series, Kyla Villanueva, 12, shared some of her thoughts after viewing the first episode of season two. 

“I’m excited to see more of Fez’s storyline. I loved how they showed his background in the first episode since we didn’t get to see it in the first season,” Villanueva stated. “It was entertaining to see how his grandma not only raised him, but also his brother too.”


“I also think that in episode two there’s going to be a lot of drama based off of what happened between Nate and Cassie,” Villanueva said. “I also think that Jules might become jealous over Rue’s new friend, Elliot. But mostly I just can’t wait to see what happens through Lexi and Fez’s new friendship.” 


Villanueva’s thoughts and predictions have also been similar to other individuals’ ideas after watching the first episode, but there are also a variety of other different beliefs that people have had in mind too.


Another fan of the show, Sabine Galindo, 12, also stated some predictions and opinions about the new season.


“I think Rue is going to die this season since the first season opens up with her birth and ends with her relapsing,” Galindo shared. “It would make sense because the show is narrated in the past tense.”


“I’m most intrigued by Lexi’s storyline this season because in the first season she was definitely in the shadows of the main characters,” Galindo said. “This season it seems like she has gained more confidence and she is finally getting the screen time she deserves this season.”

People have dived more into depth with what could be expected for this season along with what they’re looking forward to watching. Multiple reactions have established a variation of questions and other new theories. 


Euphoria season two episodes are released every Sunday and are streaming on various services. Have a watch for yourself, only if you’re comfortable.