Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show Reactions

Jocelyn Gonzalez, Copy Editor

One of the most anticipated sporting events occurred on February 13, 2022 at the SoFi Stadium located in Inglewood, California. This year the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals competed against each other and many were eager to see who would win the Super Bowl. With a comeback, the Los Angeles Rams took the win and became the Super Bowl LVI champions. Although the Super Bowl is about the game itself, some are there for the halftime show sponsored by Pepsi. This year, Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Snoop Dogg and Mary J. Blige took the stage for a performance with special guest 50 Cent. 


This performance had many hooked as there were many details to catch such as how the floor of the stage was a map of Compton and how there was a tribute to Tam’s Burger. All these details had many amazed with the performance such as Melanie Avalos, 9. 


“I think the Super Bowl halftime performance was good. I really enjoyed hearing them performed,” Avalos stated. “I enjoyed the performers and I also loved their music.”


The performance started with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg performing “Next Episode” then followed “California Love”. After those two songs, 50 Cent made a special appearance performing his song, “In Da Club”. Mary J. Blige then took the stage performing “Family Affair” and “No More Pain”. Kendrick Lamar followed with “Alright” and “M.A.A.D City”. Then, Eminem appeared by performing “Forget About Dre” and “Lose Yourself”. Although instructed by the NFL to not do so, Eminem took a kneel as a tribute to Colin Kaepernick after ending his performance. Before closing the show, Dr. Dre paid tribute to Tupac by playing the first note to the song “I Ain’t Mad at You”. Then ended the show by performing “Still Dre” with Snoop Dogg. 


This halftime show was reminiscent to some as they grew up with this type of genre and that is why some were so eager to see the performance. Not only did older generations enjoy the show, but the younger generations did too because they, also, grew up listening to these artists such as Briana Martinez, 11. 


“I absolutely loved the halftime performance because it was all the music I grew up listening to. I loved all the performers that sang, they’re all absolute legends,” Martinez said. “I loved the way they introduced everyone. Everyone’s entrance were unique and fit their styles. It’s definitely worth watching if you like the artists and music genre. 10/10 recommended.”


Despite the great praise the show has received, some do think that the stage could have been a bit bigger and grand. However, many, like Raquel Zacarias, 11, were fascinated by the splendid job each performer did. 


“I think it was something that no one expected to ever happen,” Zacarias claims. “I didn’t like that it had to end because I was having too [much] fun watching it.”


With an amazing performance by the performers, the Super Bowl LVI halftime show had many amazed as this performance was truly captivating for them.