Horror Movies to Watch for Halloween

Lukas Luna, Co-Copy Editor

With Halloween right around the corner, now is a perfect time to catch up on some scary movies.  Luckily, Netflix is home to a variety of horror films to get you in the Halloween spirit.


The Conjuring  

Released in 2013, this James Wan feature tells the story of two paranormal investigators who confront a sinister, supernatural force at a secluded farmhouse. Sophomore Selma Sanchez finds the film to a be strange and unpredictable experience that leaves viewers with questions after each watch. “When you’re finished with it you just feel so questioned,” Sanchez said. “You just kind of feel inclined to watch it again. Every time you watch it again you will find a new way to look at the movie.”  


Texas Chainsaw Massacre  

This Tobe Hooper directed film shocked audiences with its graphic violence when it was first released in 1974. 45 years later, it is considered a genre classic by horror fans everywhere including freshman Julian Ledesma, who finds the film’s copious gore to be perfect for Halloween. “It embodies Halloween with it’s gore and it’s killer, who is wearing their [the main character’s] friend’s face as a mask.” Ledesma said.  



Like the previous entry, Clive Barker’s 1987 directorial debut uses unbridled bloodshed to instill a sense of dread in his audience. However, that is not the only tool utilized to disturb the viewer. Alexander Marcelli, 10, finds that the film still holds up today because of its different elements. “It holds up because of how horrific it is,” Marcelli stated. “There are great special effects, it also has a good story for a horror movie.”

Staff Picks

Train to Busan  

While this Yeon Sang-ho effort was a runaway hit in its native Korea, it was largely ignored in America. Despite this the film still offers the gripping story of a man fighting to protect his daughter on a zombie-infested train bound to the titular city. The 2016 feature balances gory fun with a deep allegory for class warfare.


Lights Out  

At first, this David Sandberg flick seemingly tells a run-of-the-mill haunted house story. However, it uses a simple but unique method to stand out from the contemporary horror pack.

Senior and The Downey Legend photographer,  Gilberto Jijon finds the film to generate a type of horror that is unique to Halloween. “[It embodies Halloween with]  The utter terror that accompanies the movie as you watch it,” Jijon said “… It preys on such a childhood fear, a fear of the dark.”


Scream 4

Wes Craven helmed what is currently the final installment of this critically acclaimed franchise. While it was released to mixed reception in 2011, most critics agreed it was a film worthy of the franchise’s name. Videographer for The Downey Legend Michelle Salinas, 12, finds the films meta thrills to be a great fit for Halloween.  “The beginning just catches your attention because you can’t tell if it’s a movie inside a movie or if the movie has actually started,” Salinas said.