Ysabelle Canilao, Photographer

The science fiction monster film Rampage was released on April 13, raking in $35 million in the opening weekend domestically. With Dwayne Johnson playing the main role, audiences are not surprised to see him center stage once again, taking care of a silverback gorilla.


Rampage is loosely formed from the video game Rampage by Midway Games, with the gameplay similar to the movie plot: animals transforming into giant monsters, destroying everything in sight. The rogue experiment of the gorilla, Johnson, takes care of turns to destroy the city, and it is Johnson’s job to stop the gorilla and become his friend he knew once again.


Darlla Perez, 12, does not usually watch these type of movies, but decided to give it a chance seeing one of her favorite actors being the main character. She cannot resist The Rock, no matter what role he pays in a movie or show.


“I mean, I do like action movies,” Perez said. “I love Marvel movies and all the action with it, and this movie does pack a punch. I don’t understand why some people don’t like it, though. It was fine with me.”


Sophomore LaNia Finley is also a fan of Dwayne Johnson, but is not the type for action films. Giving Rampage a go, she went to see it with a few of her other friends, with them coming out buzzing about the movie while she just stayed quiet.


“It’s like other movies,” Finley said. “It’s nothing compared to what he’s done with past movies like Fast and Furious. I enjoyed watching it, but I feel like it’s overused turning games into movies. It is a satisfying movie, but I feel as though it could have been more fun.”


Noah Riley, senior, loves sci-fi action movies. Wanting to watch this movie for a while, he finally was able to and liked what he saw. Looking up to the global icon Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, Riley was pumped to watch the movie.


“I look up to Johnson,” Riley said. “Seeing him play these roles are so cool, and he brings in this extra strength nobody else has. The movie in my opinion was okay, but then again I was there for the action.”


Rampage was directed by Brad Peyton, and produced by New Line Cinema, and the Warner Bros. With a $120 million budget, the movie was filmed in four months. The movie was filmed in three different cities: Chicago, Illinois, Gainesville, Georgia, and Stone Mountain Park, Georgia.