Mario Kart is coming to smartphone, and its the best thing yet

Makayla Riley, Writer

The makers of Nintendo announced on Twitter of Jan. 30 that a new version of the Mario Kart series for gaming systems, Mario Kart Tour, will now be specially made for smartphones.


The go-kart racing game has presumed an amass of popularity ever since it first released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1992.  The game features fan’s favorite Mario characters racing through various courses and bringing loads of fun to players competing to first place. So far, there has been six releases of this title, with Super Mario Deluxe 8 being the most recent.

Jacob Ornelas, 11, believes that Mario Kart Tour’s release will be a good way to pass the time with friends and create great memories. “I will be able to play with friends anywhere now, especially at school to pass the time,” Ornelas said. “Hitting your best friend in first place with a red shell right before the [finish] line are the kinds of moments that’ll really help make this game fun and addicting.”


While Nintendo’s announcement gained a lot of eagerness from original Super Mario 64 fans and newer generation Mario Kart players, the wait will be awhile, likely being released before April 2019.


Ashley Ramos, 11, is a Mario fan and believes that Nintendo’s release date decision is just another one of their techniques in keeping players interested for upcoming games.


“I have noticed they [Nintendo] wait a year or two after one Mario game has been released,” Ramos said. “Super Mario Odyssey just came out last year. I believe that Nintendo gives their purchasers one game to enjoy for a while, then gives another anticipating upcoming game to work people up.”


A major problem though is that since it will be played on smartphones, how will the controls be adjusted to make players feel the racing experience?


“The controls when the game launches might not be as smooth as people want, but I feel that Nintendo can optimize the game for any phone or tablet device,” Ornelas stated. “It would ruin the whole experience if it did not.”


Elian Briceno, 11, is also a big fan of the Mario Kart series, especially the old school ones. “I hope to find this new game to be similar to the old school version,” Briceno said. “I would hate to see a completely different take on the game I viewed as perfect”.


As of currently, according to Elite Daily, the latest one that was released on the Nintendo Switch, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, had sold over 7 million copies, making it the most popular game played.


Gaming website IGN has also recently reported that Nintendo will make Mario Kart Tour free-to-start, so then that leads to out of pocket money paid towards other options, such as accessing more characters or karts.

It is still too early to indicate what else the iOS version of Mario Kart Tour will have, as Nintendo has chosen not to release too much information. Whether or not you are a big fan of the Mario Kart series, it can be said that it definitely will be a trending topic at the height of its release.