Bike Dream by Rostam

Ajla Nasic, Social Media Manager

On Jan. 30, former Vampire Weekend band member and music producer Rostam Batmanglij debuted his first single, Bike Dream off his solo album Half-Light. Adopting the simplistic stage name, Rostam, the singer candidly reveals his innermost thoughts within the personal album all while incorporating an upbeat sound reminiscent of his former band. Bike Dream perfectly encompasses the singer’s yearning for identity, a sentiment found within any young adult. With a blaring instrumental consistent throughout the track, Rostam trills “I’m pulled away, I see another of myself / Who’s found true love and happiness / To sit and smoke there on the chair for.” As Rostam spends his days meandering through his hometown of New York, the singer idealistically fantasizes about his future within Bike Dream. From delving into both trivial and meaningful relationships to searching for something to identify himself with, the singer stumbles through the complexities of young adulthood throughout the track. Therein, any blooming adolescent can relate to Rostam’s perpetual longing for a content state of being. Likewise, all people yearn for “true love” and “happiness”, as Rostam describes — something that gives life meaning. The artist is currently on his first North American tour.