Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival

Vicky Arguello, Writer

Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival is an annual music festival/carnival created and hosted by Tyler, The Creator. The event was held on Oct. 28 and 29 at Exposition Park in Los Angeles and featured various carnival games, well known artists, restaurants, and a ferris wheel.


Jasmine Jimenez, 12, along with other students who attended, described the atmosphere as very welcoming and compared it to home because everyone was kind to one another and staying true to their unique selves.


“You felt like nobody was judging you,” Jimenez said, “You could dance however you want to and everybody would hype you up.”


The lineup at the festival consisted of a variety of artists both underground and mainstream who performed at different stages at the park throughout both days the event took place. Kid Cudi and Travis Scott fan, Hayley Fernandez, 11, explained what her favorite part of the festival was.


“My best memory there was watching Kid Cudi perform my favorite song by him and Travis Scott ‘Through The Late Night,’” Fernandez said. “It was the amazing.”


The theme of the venue reflected the concept and artwork of Tyler, The Creator’s recently released album Flower Boy. Dedicated Tyler, The Creator fan, Talia Orozco, 12, described what the venue looked like and how it connected to the artistry from his recent album.


“The venue was so cool,” Orozco said. “Everything was decorated so colorfully with Tyler’s theme of bees and flowers.”


Students who attended the event claimed that it was very organized and they did not feel that it was complicated at all.


“The event had everything so easy to access because there was a CFG (Camp Flog Gnaw)  app,” Orozco said. “It showed you where everything was or what time artists were performing at what stage.”


The carnival is expected to return next year and a ticket to Camp Flog Gnaw can range from $208-$368; however, fans of the festival encourage students to go with friends and to not be discouraged by the price because they would have the opportunity to make amazing memories as they did.