A Farewell to “Teen Wolf”

Valeria Ostorga, Writer

In the summer of 2011, the TV drama series, “Teen Wolf” premiered on MTV, but now after six years on air, the series will hit its hundredth episode mark on Sept. 24, as well as the series finale. The executive producer, Jeff Davis, announced at the 2016 San Diego International Comic-Con that the show will premiere its last ten episodes in the upcoming summer, for Davis explained that he himself found it right to end the series on its hundredth mark.


In light of the series ending, MTV has been airing special segments that reminisce on some highlights of the show as well as the fans first impression of the series. Likewise, Brooklyn Miranda, 10, tells on her first impression of  “Teen Wolf”.


“I started watching the show because it looked very interesting – I knew nothing about the show,” Miranda said. “I saw it and it caught my eye. Soon, I was hooked.”


Even though Miranda was aware of the premise of the series, she decided to stick with the show  only by watching the first episode. This displays that “Teen Wolf” left a good impression that lasted for fans similar to Miranda which aids to justify the quality of the show.


The MTV segment then consists of fans going into depth of what they enjoyed most about the show; this includes aspects such as favorite scenes, but most importantly on how the show affected their life. Here, Estrella Hernandez, 11, explains the importance that she finds in “Teen Wolf”.


“ ‘Teen Wolf’ is the type of TV show that I would look forward to when going home,” Hernandez said.


Like Hernandez, fans of the show were able to escape for an hour on airing dates. Now, this comes to show the significance that “Teen Wolf”  had for viewers. Thus, causing a second nature like routine to form after watching it for six year. In this case, the transition into knowing that “Teen Wolf” will not longer air may seem surreal to fans.


However, other fans like Valerie Flores, 12, view the series finale through a different perspective.


“It’s a bittersweet feeling; I think they are ending it at a very good time,” Flores said. “I am sad about it however because I invested my life into these characters, but good things come to an end- shout out to Jeff Davis”.  


Flores instead views the series finale as a needed event because it will allow the series to leave a positive impression instead of continuing into a new plot that would ultimately drag on the storyline and the characters.