Mac DeMarco: This Old Dog

Nicole Najera, Writer

Fans of Mac DeMarco all around the country have been counting down the days to May 5, the release date of Mac’s fifth album, This Old Dog. This album gives way for DeMarco’s beautiful songwriting to shine more than ever with impeccably written songs which were produced and engineered by DeMarco himself.


A lot more emotion was showcased in This Old Dog, giving us some tearjerker songs such as “One More Love Song” and “For the First Time.” We got to see a more vulnerable side to DeMarco with most songs revolving around love and relationships and heartbreak.


The album varies in melody, you have some upbeat songs and some more mellow songs. Mainly the whole album sticks to a theme though, carried by DeMarco’s unique sound and heavy use of his synthesizer. In comparison to all other albums This Old Dog carries the same vibe throughout the entirety of the album while in other albums he has songs which were polar opposites in sound.  


Thomas Moreira,11, explained his love for This Old Dog.


“ I love how he uses the synthesizer in his new album and how smooth it is,” he said.


Mac DeMarco is loved for the fact that he writes beautiful love songs with matching beats but in this album we see more songs displaying heartbreak. The artist was indeed going through relationships complications in the process of writing this album and you can see the emotions he might have been feeling. For example in “One More Love Song” he writes “One more love out to break your heart, Set it up just to watch fall it apart.”


Lauren Keating, 12, shares how she feel about DeMarco’s new tracks.


“He’s one of the most raw and talented artists I’ve ever listened to and his music makes me feel so many emotions from sad to happy,” Keating said. “His music makes me feel beautiful.”


Definitely give This Old Dog a listen if you are looking for something different and more mellow. Expanding your music is always an amazing thing and who knows maybe you’ll find that one song you can take off repeat.