Drake: More Life

Alexandra Rapalo, Writer

On March 18, Drake released a playlist that was eighty one minutes long and consisted of twenty two songs. The artist usually has a set motive behind his albums, but More Life is anything but methodical.


This playlist, in Drake’s words, was created “to give you a collection of songs that become the soundtrack to your life.” There is no evident motif behind these songs as a whole because in life there are going to be ups and downs, heartbreaks, as well as exciting times vibing with your friends.


Drake essentially gives his listeners songs for every moment in their life whether it be times of gloom, optimism, or relaxation.


The artist’s fans had different opinions about this series of songs such as Bryan Montolla, 12, who believes that these songs are good, but not good enough to make it onto an album.


“These were his throwaway songs that never made it to Views [Drake’s last album release],” Montolla said. “That’s why he called it a playlist instead of an album because if people did not like it then he can just say ‘well it was never an album.’ ”


Others enjoyed the collaborations and different beats such as Katie Estrada, 12.


“My favorite song is “Teenage Fever” because it has a sample of “If You Had My Love” by JLo in it,”  Estrada said. “I like the collabs Drake had because it brought out a different side of him and some different artists that most of us did not know about.”


A myriad of people also enjoyed the fact that Drake released his new music right before summer.


Karina Hernandez, 12, explained, “I remember last summer Views was my go-to album when I was on my way to the beach and it was always playing in the background while I was hanging out with my friends,” Hernandez said. “I have a feeling it is going to be the same situation with this More Life playlist.”

Whether people appreciated this collection of songs or would have prefered an actual album, with twenty two different selections, sounds, and collaborations there is sure to be a song for every mood and time period of Drake’s listener’s lives.